Uusi levy pianotriolta! A new recording of Beethoven’s trios!

abcd340MusicWeb Internationalin kriitikko Dominy Clements kehuu Risto Laurialan, Tero Latvalan ja Marko Ylösen Beethoven -levytystä:

Elegance of phrasing and accuracy of dynamics amidst all of Beethoven’s intensity and dramatic plunges are carried off with full expressive value

What I like about these performances is their sense of grand scale without exaggeration of gesture, the feeling of air and unhurried space around the notes without any sense of dragging or lack of intensity or momentum”.

Clements vertaa levytystä tasoltaan pianisti Daniel Barenboimin, sellisti Jacqueline du Prén ja viulisti Pinchas Zukermanin vuoden 1989 EMI-yhtiön levytykseen.

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